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Ear Wax Removal, Cornwall, UK


My passion for Ear Wax removal came from my time working for the GP surgery as a receptionist. I was fascinated with the work that the healthcare assistants were doing and wondered if there was something I could do to help. This drove me to train in Phlebotomy and eventually led me to Ear Wax removal. I take great pride in providing a safe and effective service to my clients, ensuring their utmost comfort throughout the procedure. My years of experience in healthcare and attention to detail make me confident in my ability to provide the highest quality ear care.

Ear wax buildup can be an annoying problem for many people. That’s why at Penwith Ear Care, I offer a reliable,  safe ear wax removal service using the safest micro-suction technique. I have the experience and expertise to deliver exceptional services without causing pain or discomfort to my clients. I utilize the most advanced equipment and techniques to make sure that my service is both safe and effective. I am dedicated to making sure my clients feel empowered on their journey to better hearing.


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