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Ear wax removal , Cornwall

Welcome to Penwith Ear Care

Home visits available in Carbis Bay,St Ives and Hayle £60

(other surrounding areas £70)

Book your appointment for ear wax removal-ear health check for £60 including a free hearing screening.
Ear wax removal St Ives Cornwall


There are many benefits to Microsuction.

First and foremost its the safest way to remove excess wax from your ear canal.

Microsuction can be performed when the ear canal is not fully occluded, unlike syringing.

Syringing is now an outdated technique for ear wax removal.

Microsuction reduces the risk of perforating the ear drum and reduces the risk of infection.

ear wax removal


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Ear wax removal St Ives Cornwall

Penwith Ear Care  provides an all-in-one hearing health assessment using the latest and award winning Tympa System.


Ear wax removal, Penwith ear care, Cornwall

Ear Health

Checked granny's ears! Wearing hearing aids can hinder the wax in your ears coming out naturally - There was a build up in her left ear which lifted out easily and painlessly!

Keeping it in the family!

“Great service and a good job done. Thanks again for getting us an appointment so quickly"

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